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Dried apple chips created with love in Russia
About us
IDELRU is the young and very ambisious company, located in Moscow, Russia. Russia is the birth place of numerous sorts of delicious apples.

Our mission is to deliver health and happiness to people all over the world with our products. We keep nature inside our product without chemical additives, gluten and additional sugar.

We provide health benefits with highest product quality. We started delivery in Nigeria, Indonesia and Mexico countries.
Benefits of dry apples
Dried apples assimilate protein, food fibers, organic acids, vitamin A, C, E, PP, B1, B2, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus and iron.
Iron in dried apples interferes with the development of anemia, phosphorus promotes work of a brain. Vitamin B is very important for a metabolism and a stable condition of a tense system. Organic acids help to improve immunity. Tannin, potassium and magnesium are good for the cardiovascular system.
The dried apple snacks consist antioxidants that make risk of cancer lower by neutrallizing the free radicals in human body. Regular portion of dried apples also decrease the risk of stroke.
Your beauty and shape starts from dried apples
For hunger suppression
The apple fruits quite often applied in diet menu.
You can carry dried apples with you as a snack everyday for reduce the appetite and reign over your weight. Dried apples are much better than cakes or chips. Such a natural apple snacks will not cause disorder of metabolism, up and down of glucose level and appearance of folds on a waist. Beside all of this apples are also very helpful for brain.

Apple is rich source of Vitamin A to reduce the free radical damage.
Inside Dried Apples there is a calcium which can not replace for bones, hair, teeth and nails.
Tocopherol (organic chemical compound) with Retinolum (dietary supplement) are natural antioxidants to increase human rejuv. Dried apples daily may help in being good source of Vitamin C, thereby reducing the chances of skin ageing and skin dullness caused due to dryness.

Per 100 grams
Calories - 359
Fat - 2.7 gram - 4%
Cholesterol - 0 mg - 0%
Sodium - 403 mg - 16%
Potassium - 164 mg - 4%
Carbohydrate - 83 mg - 27%
Protein - 1 gram - 2%
Vitamins per 100 grams
Vitamin A - 1%
Calcium - 1%
Vitamin C - 93%
Iron - 4%
Vitamin B6 - 15%
Magnesium - 3%
From Russia with Love
We care about all the process - from producing untill delivery. We pack our dried apples in eco-friendly bags for carry all nutritional value of each apple snack. Additional bonus from our company is free delivery to your table.
You may distribute our dried apples in your country
We are glad to offer you to be our business partner
It's great opportunity for you to distribute excellent goods and develop your own business with us.

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